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Staff Recruitment

Without good employees, an organization won’t be able to achieve sustainable growth.  Often times a hiring at-yes-hired-recruitmentmanager takes on someone they like.  Hiring based on external and sometimes personal factors can end in disaster. That’s why I have created a staff recruitment process that includes the best behavioral fit of the candidate with that of the CEO and the organization. Ensuring a proper fit from the start can save on anxiety, time, and money.

Take a look at the steps involved in my recruitment/retention process with a 99% success rate.

Here’s a brief synopsis of my process:

  1. Create a list of descriptions to describe a highly effective new employee
  2. The client, business owner, describes the vision for the company.  For example, if someone were to visit the company in the next three to five years, what would they see and experience?
  3. The client describes the vision in the next 30, 60, 90, 180 days and how the business owner would like the new hire to affect the company vision during the first six (6) months.
  4. The descriptions of highly effective employees as well as the client’s vision are used to create the job specs and job analysis
  5. With the job specs and job analysis, the job description is created. Sample job description with company details omitted.
  6. We work with the client to determine the motivators and drivers, those things that would prompt a new employee to want to work with the client, business owner
  7. DiSC behavioral assessments are used to understand the behavior of the client and the best fit behavior of the new employee
  8. Recruitment begins by listing the job description with various outreach portals. Outreach includes the Department of Labor’s Workforce One centers in New York, colleges and universities, craigslist, indeed.com, LinkedIn, specialized portals, i.e. dice.com
  9. Resumes are accepted
  10. Pre-interviews are conducted via Skype’s internet video calls where problem solving and cognitive skills are tested
  11. Face-to-face interviews are conducted by the client, business owner
  12. References and background checks are made when required
  13. The working agreement and non-disclosure agreements are executed
  14. Staff orientation and on-boarding services are available to help ensure retention and sufficient productivity

Got questions? feel free to email me, info@consultflt.com or call me, 718-938-2164 to request a meeting.